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Did Paul Walker faked his death?

Paul Walker faked his death. An accusation made by

An insensitive claimed made by the said site while Paul Walker‘s family and fans grieve to his death. It is really sad to lose someone but it’s absurd to accused a deceased person or personality that they faked their death.

Paul Walker died at 40

According to the said site,

They are all lying. Paul Walker didn’t die. Nor did Roger Rodas. They are both alive and well, and their relatives well know it. It has already been established that the relatives of Paul Walker are involved in a cover-up, that is the cover-up of faking the actor’s death. It has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, here, that the accident is a fabrication and that there wasn’t any real car crash. Rather, what is seen is imagery of a man-made car fire and a car pre-placed in position to be incinerated: without either Walker or Rodas inside.

Because of Paul’s death, searches about him became number one in Google Zeitgeist People searches in Philippines.

No one can guess what the site’s intention as to why they spread as such rumor.

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