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People Trapped inside LRT and One Passed Out Because the Door Won't Open!

Last time, Filipino nations was all caught by the attention of the guy who uploaded the video of unexpected door that fails to closed while this one of the LRT 1 trains is moving very fast. Many of the people reacted on how the management just allowed this case to happen.

This time, another situation from Central terminal station of LRT 1 happened yesterday March 22, 2016 is again banging the attention of many people. One passenger was fainted in the middle of one over loaded train.

The witnesses claimed that the management doesn’t have a very clear system for this kind of situation. It took a very long time before they manage to get the passenger who fainted from inside. There is still no report regarding the condition of that passenger.

Now that video is circulating online. Everybody was trying to share it to notify the running presidential candidates to whoever gonna win the position to give special attention for this public transportation problems.

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Source: Kurt Ebol
Source: ControversialFiles
People Trapped inside LRT and One Passed Out Because the Door Won’t Open!

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