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Peter Lim’s nephew alleged shooter of nurse motorist in road rage incident?

Remember the Mercedes Benz motorist who shot a male nurse in Cebu due to a traffic spat?

Well, with the help of the social media, the identity of the shooter is now known.

Not sure if it was Dan Roxas who first called the attention of the social media regarding the identity of the shooter by sharing the image below.

The netizen said, David Lim Jr. is a nephew of Peter Lim.

Click the blurred photo below and see the what the guy in the photo above is driving.

David Lim Jr

David Lim Jr

Mayor Tommy Osmena of Cebu City talked to the shooting victim while recuperating in the hospital from his wounds.

He showed the photo below to the shooting victim and he told Mayor Tommy that was the guy who shot him.

The shooting victim positively ID’ed the guy in barong tagalog as the shooter. He is David Lim Jr..

When the identity of the suspect was known, Mayor Tommy Osmena applied for a warrant of arrest.

“I am now with the victim. He has positively identified the barong-wearing male in this picture as the one who shot him.

Moving for a warrant of arrest against one David Lim Jr.”

However, it seemed getting a warrant of arrest to nab the suspect proved difficult. Here’s what Mayor Tommy wrote on Facebook.

The photographer of this picture or anyone who saw it being taken needs to contact the police immediately. 100,000 peso reward. 032 266 5494 / 0917 722 6221.

It is difficult to convince a judge to issue a warrant without you. A hold departure order cannot be issued without a warrant. Please call the police. I will personally guarantee your safety.

Time is crucial. Please share

When the Mayor of Cebu City failed to get a warrant, he still led the raid of the house of David Lim Jr. located in the rich neighborhood in Cebu City.

Mayor Tommy also asked the girl in the video to voluntarily surrender and talk to the police.

“Expanding search to one Tamae Takahashi – USC graduate of Psychology and Law and high school graduate of Maria Montessori Talamban.

Please give any information to CCPO Homicide Division at 032 266 5494 or Councilor Dave Tumulak at 0917 722 6221.

Ms. Takahashi, if you are reading this, please come in. I know you just took the bar. You have a whole future ahead of you as a lawyer.

Do not throw away that future because you became an accessory to a capital crime. Do what’s right. I will protect you if you just do what’s right. Tom”

Meanwhile, Mayor Tommy Osmena texted Bong Go, Duterte’s executive assistant asking for help in getting a warrant of arrest for the suspect. He shared his thoughts on Facebook.

“Hi Bong, fyi lang, tonight I personally raided the house of David Lim, brother to Peter. His son was captured on video this morning shooting a nurse. The judge in Cebu refused to issue a warrant of arrest and the police refused to move with no warrant until I threatened to perform the raid by myself. Son not in house.

Please tell the President that I need help getting an arrest warrant ASAP so a hold departure order can be placed. This is beyond me na. Need help”

Video from GMA News

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Peter Lim’s nephew alleged shooter of nurse motorist in road rage incident?

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