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Petmalu, Lodi , Werpa meaning of internet slang you should know

Do you already know Petmalu, Lodi , Werpa meaning? Have you read from Facebook comments Petmalu Werpa mo Lodi! ?

Are these words new to you or you read it from your comments at your Facebook timeline and group pages?

Petmalu, Lodi , Werpa!

Petmalu Loei Werpa meaning

Is it mind boggling or perhaps you already know the meaning of these words.

Petmalu, Lodi and Werpa are words commonly use by kids today or the millennials to express themselves.  Not so long ago, Facebook users reversed their names like Samuel to Leumas, Anin from Niña and many more. The concept is quite similar, with them mentioned words above, syllables of word are switched around to make a new one.

It’s actually common way back in 70s to 80s. Like of the repa, olats, or the popular song Nosi Ba Lasi (Sino Ba Sila). Or how bout Eat Bulaga who popularized the word Dabarkads, the reversed word of Barkada or meaning group of friends.

So let’s list down Petmalu, Lodi, Werpa meaning and other more.

Petmalu stands for Malupet which means extraordinary or amazing. Usage, “Petmalu naman ng trip mo!”.

Lodi is for Idol or someone idolizes, amire or loved. Usage, “Ang galing mo naman , kaya lodi kita”.

Werpa is the reversed of Power which mean to give support or some uses it as in strong. Usage, “Ang werpa ng dating mo erp!”. More werpa repa!

Enka is Kaen or Kain. Since Tagalog from Luzon speaks softer words, they  usually make stronger vowel ” i ” for “in” into “e” which make it “en”. That makes the word Enka which means Eat. Usage, “Enka ka na?”

Matsala is for Salamat which means thank you or show gratitude. Usage, “Matsala graduate na rin”

ERP is Pre or a guy friend. The origin is Pare which some people shorten it to Pre. In a sentence: “Tara lets mga erp! Sibat na tayo”

ORB / ORBSKI also a guy friend and reversed of the word Bro or Broski. In a sentence: “Orb asan na kayo?”

These are just few of the words that Pinoy uses in their online or even offline conversation.

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