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Pia Guanio’s engaged to new BF, Steve Mago


Reported in Showbiz Central, PIA Guanio, former girlfriend of Eat Bulaga‘s host Vic Sotto is now engaged with non-showbiz BF Steve Mago.

Host-actress Pia Guanio made true her promise to be more open about her relationship with non-showbiz BF Steve Mago in “Showbiz Central” last Sunday.

She said Steve’s “pamanhikan” happened the other Saturday in their house in Tagaytay. “It was cute,” she said. “Three or four vans of Steve’s family came over. Everyone was really super duper excited that we couldn’t exclude anyone. We just have to fit everyone in. Ang dami-daming naki-celebrate sa amin.pia-guanio-steve-mago

Here’s her story as she told to the talk show,

The next day, Sunday, I texted my dad and said ‘Dad, thanks for being so awesome yesterday’. And he replied, ‘No sweat, we like your in-laws.’ Ang groovy naman.” But she won’t reveal much about Steve himself. “Naiilang ako kasi nga he’s not from showbiz naman. He’s quite shy. I was begging him to come out on air for at least a few minutes sana, pero ayaw niya talaga. Their family values their privacy so much that I promised to his mom that this would stop after a certain point kasi nga they’re very private. They’re not used to this whole thing at all and I want to help protect their privacy.”

Guanio replied when asked about qualities of Steve that endeared him to her?

“He’s really a sweet guy, very thoughtful. One of the best things that I like about him is that he’s such a thoughtful guy na parang in any plan that he has even for himself he will always include you and I find that very impressive kasi parang these days people can be self-centered, parang they act out lang for their own interest and I love na finally I found a person who can be my partner in life in attaining the same goal.”

The Meeting

“We’re in the same circle kasi. I really met him through a good friend of mine, Claudine. To this day, she insists that I have to give her credit for that. So, Claudine, you take the credit. Of course you always pray to God to help you discern what’s His will is for you, ‘di ba? And ever since this relationship with Steve started, parang there’s always a way to do things.

I felt like God was opening doors for us to get together, to get closer. You know how in the Bible it says that He will make all things work together for your good? And I felt like that, exactly what was happening with me and him. Another reason is that he’s a very spiritual person. I love the fact that parang when we started dating he was very open and welcoming to the idea of becoming Christian.

And I’ve always been praying and praying for that to happen. It wasn’t at all a struggle. You know what I find admirable about him is that he’s totally unfazed by the public attention on me, the picture-taking, the autographs. He is not jealous about it. He doesn’t mind the disruption to whatever it is we’re doing.

He understands very well the nature of my job so I love that. My family was also surprised when I told them about Steve’s intention to marry me. But then, you know what I love about them is the fact that parang nu’ng nangyari ‘yung pamanhikan last Saturday, they all instantly just got along so well, Steve’s family, my family. Of course that matter so much na parang after that is over, you can really breathe a sigh of relief.”

She already officialy informed her bosses on GMA7 and “Eat Bulaga” about her engagement. “I am glad that I was able to tell it to my bosses before it all broke out into the open. They deserve such kind of respect. So that was such a big weight off my chest talaga. They congratulated me. They were wishing me luck. Tita Malou Choa-Fagar (“Eat Bulaga” executive producer) said she would continue to pray that, you know, it works out. In fact, she’s very happy to know that he’s Christian.” She said their wedding will be a simple and intimate one as she can’t imagine herself having a grand wedding. “I can’t imagine entertaining so many people. It’s going to be very simple some time next year probably.”

We just hope that now that Pia has admitted her relationship with Steve, some showbiz folks won’t try to break them apart. Sometimes, we can’t blame the stars if they hide their relationship as some quarters try to make them split. This is what’s happening now to Melissa Ricks and Jake Cuenca, John Prats and Rachelle Ann Go. The press was just speculating then that they’re on, but the moment they admitted that they do have a relationship, there are now constant reports that they’ve broken up even if they already said they’re still on.

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