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Rayver Cruz, Cristine Reyes on Sarah Geronimo Controversy

Rayver Cruz is very felicitous that things are getting better between Cristine Reyes and Sarah Geronimo after their controversial rupture. Premature writes up even named that the two are overt to working with each other again during product numbers on ASAP to which the immature player noticed, Siyempre happy naman ako parity Storm Troops kanila. Eventually naman talaga magiging ganon eh. Kahit naman nangyari yung dati naming outcomes, darating at darating yung panahon na okay na lahat. .

rayver_cruzAlthough the three of them have picked out to forgive and forget, Rayver is aware that some people havent gotten over what bechanced in the past. But whats of import for him is that those involved in the issue are beginning to be supporters again. Siyempre masaya ako. Pero parity Storm Troops aming tatlo, wala namang problema eh. Naka-move on na kaming lahat. Kapag tinatanong kami tungkol Sturmabteilung nangyari twelve noon, parang nasasabi na lang namin, Yun uli? Tapos na yun di ba? .

When asked how he experiences that Sarah wants to avoid him out of deference

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