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Reasons Why We Should Never Use Cellular Phones at Gasoline Stations!

In 1999, warnings about the dangers of using cellphones in the presence of gasoline fumes have been circulating on the Internet. It was referenced an incident in Indonesia wherein a driver was burned and his car badly damaged as a result of explosion. A rumor involved a man in Hyderabad City that caught searching through his phone then suddenly fire erupts.

It was caught in CCTV footage that the motorbike riders can be seen coming in and out of the forecourt with some stopping to fill up. A few moments had passed a biker flies in to the gasoline station and goes to the opposite side of the pump where the attendant is filling up another tank. 

The biker who’s wearing white shirt can be seen searching for his mobile phone as he sits on his bike waiting for the attendant. When his turn came to fill up his bike, the bike suddenly covered with fire. Hyderabad City Police released the footage with a warning: “Don’t use cell phones when you are at petrol pumps.”

But some of the police’s Facebook friends have criticized the force’s claims. Guarav said, “Dear Hyderabad Police, I really hope you use better sense when investigating real crimes when posting warning videos. Cell phones don’t lead to fires. This is definitely an issue of fuel spill on what is a hot exposed engine.” 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) states there is no evidence that these reports are accurate. While it may be “theoretically possible for a spark from a cell phone battery to ignite gas vapor,” the FCC settles the potential threat is remote.

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Reasons Why We Should Never Use Cellular Phones at Gasoline Stations!

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