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RIDERS, BEWARE! Something Terrible Happened Along the Road in Cabanatuan! Watch Here!

What if you were just innocently passing along a sunlight-filled road in Cabanatuan and then a tricycle suddenly crashes in front of you out of nowhere? Crazy, right? 
But this is exactly what occurred in the road along Barangay Lourdes in Cabanatuan province. Everything seemed normal when suddenly, a motorcycle swerves to the middle of the road and gets side swept by the passing car—but that’s not all. 
The motorcycle then continues to teeter uncontrollably until it crashes against another passing vehicle, this time a tricycle. The tricycle was going the opposite way. 
In the video, you could clearly see the motorcycle committing the violation—he was recklessly swerving towards the other lane without even caring to look if he would get side swept by cars and vehicles passing by in the lane he was in. 
Other netizens were puzzled as to what exactly happened in the video, specifically the motorcycle and why the rider would commit such a thing. Facebook user KenErdz Valle said, “sumabog ata ang gulog ng nakamotor kaya gumewang sya.. tingnan mabuti ang video! nawawala yung nakamotor!” 
The user who posted the video, Jessica Balinagay, replied, “Dumulas po sa buhangin. Nasa tabi po ng motor nya. Natakpan lang.” Her comment was liked by two other users. 
Others immediately pointed out something else—where the motorcycle rider went after the crash. It could be seen that the motorcycle rider sort of disappeared—so to speak—when he crashed against the tricycle.
User Chad Topacio commented, “San napunta ung driver ng motor?” which was liked by another user. DadiNoel Villaflores also said, “Nakaladkad ba ng kotse yun naka blue na driver ng sumemplang na single?! Biglang nawala.” 
Jr D. Guinto, however, theorized that the motorcycle rider was probably thrown in front of the car who passed by. He said, “ nasa unahan ng kotse ung driver nakaladkad.” 
Shocking! Here’s the whole footage: 

Terrible! What do you think about it? Who should really be at fault here? Tell us your comments below! 

Source: Cracker Daily
RIDERS, BEWARE! Something Terrible Happened Along the Road in Cabanatuan! Watch Here!

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