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Rivermaya and Bamboo jam together…..reunion?

It was that time of the year for photo journalist Niña “Rosarioko” Sandejas and friends to have a Post New Year’s Party. And because Rosarioko’s house was a mess presently(according to her), they held the party somewhere else. One of their friends just got a beautiful, new house. So that’s where they had the party, at the home of Mr and Mrs Mike Elgar.

That’s right folks, Mike Elgar of Rivermaya. Also present in that party were Mark Escueta and former bandmember Francisco “Bamboo” Mañalac.

 Here’s another pic of them just jamming around

Who doesn’t know the band Rivermaya? Their music will forever be written in the hearts of Filipinos rock fans, especially those from the 90’s. During this decade, Rivermaya was known for songs like “214”, “Elisi”, “Himala”, “Hinahanap hanap kita”, “Kisapmata”, “Awit ng Kabataan”. All those songs were certified hits, and to this day, many rock bands still play them. Some recording artists like Regine Velasquez even do remakes of the songs of Rivermaya.

Rivermaya has changed over the years with the departure of band members “Bamboo” Manalac(in 1998) and Rico Blanco(in May 2007). When Blanco left in 2007, some speculated Rivermaya would finally disband. Not by a longshot, as Rivermaya continued to thrive, releasing two more albums: Buhay(in February 2008) and Closest Thing to Heaven(December 2008).

What’s on a wish list of a hardcore Rivermaya fan? Why a reunion concert of course, just like the one thrown by the Eraserheads. Rivermaya is already on that “level”, and a reunion concert would surely cement them in the history books of Filipino rock music.

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