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She Has A Mom Who’s In And Out Of Jail. 20 Years Later, She Does THIS! I Teared Up…

This is the story of a young woman named Melissa. Due to the fact that her mother was always in and out of jail, she and her two younger brothers J.J. and Christian were forced to grow up in different foster homes.

Unfortunately, the foster homes Melissa ended up in were never able to provide her with the love and guidance that she needed.

Once she was old enough, she decided to join the marines, hoping that it would change her life.

Now that she is 21 years old, the only thing that she wants is to reunite with her two brothers by getting full custody of them. However, she is aware that it is not going to be easy because of how young she is and the fact that she barely has enough money to pay her rent.

But even so, she is determined to convince the judge to let her take her brothers home. Make sure you watch till the end of the video, there are many surprises.

Check it out below!

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She Has A Mom Who’s In And Out Of Jail. 20 Years Later, She Does THIS! I Teared Up…

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