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She Noticed That An Employee Was Acting Strange. What He Reveals To Her? INCREDIBLE..

As Facebook user, Nikki Owens, waited for her order, she noticed something odd about one of the teenage employees. The teenager, who brought her drink out to her car, was sweating like crazy. While the weather was warm outside, it was not hot enough to cause such profuse sweating.

Nikki knew something was not right with the employee. As he approached her car with the order, she decided to ask him what was going on. That’s when employee tells her something quite incredible.

While most kids struggle to maintain one job, this teenager was sweating due to the fact he’s working three jobs. Since he’s going to be a senior next year, he wants to help his parents with the college bill as much as possible!

Nikki decided to take a picture of him and share his amazing story on Facebook. It wasn’t long after that the post went viral. People from all across the world are commending this teen on his work ethic!

Take a look below to see the whole story.

“So, I’m indulging at Happy Hour, and this poor kid runs my large Dr. Pepper out, and is sweating like crazy. I notice he is the ONLY car hop they have and this place is packed. It’s not more than 75 out, and it’s pretty overcast, so I know it’s not just from all the heat.

As I take my drink, I make light conversation and say, ‘They really have you working today, huh?’

He replies, ‘Yes ma’am! I got off from one of my jobs at 1 this afternoon, and I go into another job at 5, but they asked me if I could come in and work for a few hours because they had some call ins, so it’s just me.’

Left a little speechless, I was like, ‘So, you work 3 jobs?’
He said, ‘yes ma’am.’
I said, ‘Wow, that’s impressive.’
He replied, ‘Well, I will be a senior next year and with my parents getting me a new car, helping with all of my sports, and getting ready to send me to college, I know it’s a lot on them, so I want to help them out even though they said I don’t have to and even though it may not be much. I just want them to know I appreciate it.’

I tipped the young man and told him the world needs more kids with that mind frame. Heck, more adults! The kid is 17 and working 3 jobs!!!! Not just sitting back with his hand out allowing his parents or whoever to provide everything for him. I know some grown up people who could really learn some valuable lessons from this kid!

To say I was highly impressed with this young man doesn’t even begin to cover it! His parents have done one heck of a job!”

Here is the photo that Nikki snapped:


Nikki Owens

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She Noticed That An Employee Was Acting Strange. What He Reveals To Her? INCREDIBLE..

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