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She Started Filming These 5 Kids. 8 Seconds Later? Completely Unexpected…Wow…

All the kids in the video below are children of the Marine Corps. What you are about to see is something that will leave you completely WOW’ed.

In the first 8 seconds of the video, the kids are seen playing together on the playground on base. As soon as the evening colors started and they heard the music, they instantly got off the swings and stood still.

For those of you who don’t know about colors, they refer to the raising and lowering of the national flag. Morning colors is the flag raising ceremony that starts at 8:00 AM while evening colors happens at sunset.

These children grew up learning how much sacrifices soldiers have made to protect our freedom. And they will always remember to show them the respect that they deserve. If you would like to show support for our soldiers and veterans, share this video with your friends and family.

Watch it below!

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She Started Filming These 5 Kids. 8 Seconds Later? Completely Unexpected…Wow…

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