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Shia LaBeouf, met by Selena Gomez–What Bieber should say?


Shia LaBeouf is Selena Gomez’s long time crush, and they met today.

Posted on Youtube, Selena Gomez acted like a die-hard fan who finally meet her long-time idol. It was said in Hollywood reports that back in 2008, she famously (“famously”) shouted to reporters “let Shia know [she was] available.”

Gomez was actually setup by her handlers to have a chance to meet Shia LaBeouf. Gomez’s handlers told she was just going to meet fans in a certain room but she got freaked out to find out that it was Shia LaBeouf.

No Love Triangle happened between the three and Shia didn't hit Justin Bieber

Gomez took picture together with Shia, well, that her first chance to have a picture of them and she’ll never let the chance slipped. After taking pictures, Gomez proceeds to another dressing room where she decompresses herself and keeps on saying (“He’s so cute… he’s so handsome…”).

Meanwhile, Shia’s camp told press that they she didn’t know she was being filmed, assures “That’s actually nice and refreshing to see somebody that genuine… Trust me, he likes it.”

Who’s Shia LaBeouf? Don’t tell us you haven’t watch Transformer 3?

Shia LaBeouf was also a mainstay Disney Channel of weekly program Even Stevens where he stars as Louis Stevens back in the early 2000.

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