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SHOCKING: Couple Decides to Abort Baby After the Woman Got Pregnant!

Sometimes people can’t bear to take responsibility despite the fact that they’ve made a grave mistake because of the consequences of their actions. And most of the time, the case is when a couple engages in sexual intercourse and the woman gets pregnant afterwards.

While having sex is quite easy, the responsibility of bringing forth a baby is a daunting task, and certainly one must be prepared to provide for the baby and its future. Afraid of being a parent, they choose to abandon and abort the baby without hesitation.

This heartless couple has become the focal point of anger and rage on social media after recently uploading a photo of the pregnancy test and confirming that they will abort their baby. The man states that he’s not yet ready to be a father and is looking for ways on how to abort their baby.

Facebook page Life and Social Media uploaded the photos on their page and from there it took off, drawing thousands of views, shares and comments with mixed reactions from many netizens who found the post to be quite damning and condemnatory. Most of them expressed sheer anger and rage towards the couple, saying that they are heartless individuals who have no sense of responsibility and dignity.

The photos have gone viral online, and the couple has come under fire after their foolish acts drew the attention of many people. Check out the post right down below and see for yourself!

What do you think of the couple’s decision to abort the baby? Feel free to share us your own thoughts, ideas and opinions by leaving your comments down below!

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FUCKBOI. Kung hindi pa kayo handa, mag-condom kayo o kaya babae mag-pills ka! Nakakainis yung mga ganitong tao. Kelangan…
Posted by Life and Social Media on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Source: TrendaFeed
SHOCKING: Couple Decides to Abort Baby After the Woman Got Pregnant!

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