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SHOCKING: Vina Morales Might Go to Jail! Read On to Find Out Why!

Vina Morales might face jail time for allegedly trying to start a fight with Avi Siwa at a bar in BGC on December 4, 2016
Model, Avi Siwa, has reportedly filed cases against Vina Morales for some unflattering remarks she said about her. 
The two reportedly had a heated argument at a bar while they were both out with friends. According to Siwa, it was Morales who started the altercation. 
According to TNP, Avi recalled that it all started when Morales commented from another table “Haha, ayan si Avi Siwa o buntis na naman nakakahiya at sinong ama? Haha.” 
It seems Morales was only getting started with that remark. The singer-actress apparently went on to do “hand gestures around her tummy”, a move that supposedly entertained her friends and enraged Avi. Avi tried to ignore Morales, but the latter still wasn’t satisfied. She then proceeded to challenge Siwa to a fight and made more insulting comments about the amount of child support she was receiving from her former partner. 
“Bastardo anak mo! At least si Caena ni-recognize ni Cedric at malaki suporta…E sa’yo, 28k lang haha. Kawawa ka!”
Morales was referring to Cedric Lee and his daughter, Caena.
Fans might remember that Morales is currently dating Siwa’s ex, Marc Lambert who is also the father of Siwa’s first child. 
Avi Siwa has filed a number of cases against Morales for her behavior that night. She is suing her for slander by deed, libel, grave threats, and violation of RA7610 – Violation Against Women and their Children. The cases were filed at the Taguig Prosecutor’s Office. 
Here is a photo of the affidavit:

SHOCKING: Vina Morales Might Go to Jail! Read On to Find Out Why!
As of this writing, Vina Morales has yet to give any statements regarding the issue. 

Source: Cracker Daily
SHOCKING: Vina Morales Might Go to Jail! Read On to Find Out Why!

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