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Signs That You Mas.turb@te Too Often. #6 Might Change Your Personality!

It’s totally fine to jack off every once in a while. But what are the signs that you’ve been whacking your shaft too much? Of course, everyone knows that too much isn’t always good.

In order to find out if you’ve been playing too much with your handles, here are 6 signs you should look out for and tell yourself to hold your horses!

1. You obviously JO too much.
While it can be quite a pleasurable experience and a good stress reliever, believe it or not when you notice you grab a hold of your shaft too much, that’s when you know you’re in overdrive!

2. It hurts
Another sign of frequent whacking is when you feel pain after toting it for multiple rounds. Feels great at first, but it hurts right after wanking it the second time!

3. You always crave it
You can’t get it off your mind. You always have the urge to yank your shaft every now and then. And that, my friend, tells you that you’ve been doing it for too much!4. You have trouble getting up
Even getting up seems like a total pain. You leave your shaft always up and you can’t even barely stand without pain.

5. Hair loss
Yep, you lose hair when you wack and yank the tote too much. Unless you want a receding hairline, don’t overdo it.

6. You’re not satisfied
You feel unsatisfied even after having intercourse with your partner. You have relied too much on your powerful handles that it takes away the excitement of having sex!

These are the signs that you jack off too much. So why don’t you give it a rest and resist the urge to yank it? You’ll feel better, promise.

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Signs That You Mas.turb@te Too Often. #6 Might Change Your Personality!

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