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Spam Facebook Iphone How to remove

Got this message on the Facebook wall?  I did see it on my friends wall but on my wall it did not. Why? because I lock it.

In order to PREVENT SPAM, I ask that you VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT. Click VERIFY MY ACCOUNT right next to comment below to start the process…

a few seconds ago via iPhone · Like · · See Friendship · ==VERIFY MY ACCOUNT==


Here attached is the same screenshot,


then probably your friend had been injected with a spam. So how do you prevent it?

Lock your facebook walls. Don’t let you friends post on your wall in that way you won’t be a victim of the spam. And how do you Lock it?

On your Account—> Privacy settings…

Click on the Customize settings.



Uncheck, Friends can post on my Wall.


In this way the virus won’t spread and you won’t be spreading the virus. I believe facebook is working on this spam and hope to neutralized within the day.

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