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Supporters Raise $46k (Php2.3 Million) to Fund Their Own Rally to “Protect President Duterte”

It is an ‘open secret’ in the Philippines that a lot of those who participate in rallies are there for the money or the food they receive after the event because they are ‘paid’ to attend these events; however, this is all done in hushed terms and many won’t admit that they were paid to be there.

Of course, rally organizers wouldn’t admit to paying the rallyists but a lot of netizens believe the payout is for real – especially with rallies involving rich factions.

But many of his supporters know that the rallies of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte are ‘for real’ and that those who attend do not receive any money at all. In fact, in many of the rallies even during the campaign period, the supporters are the ones using their own money to buy Duterte stuff they bring to the events.

Screenshot from GavaGives “Protect Duterte” campaign

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So, when plans were made to hold another rally, the #StopShamingDuterte or the “Protect Duterte” Rally, the organizers called on supporters to donate for the cause.

Tayo ang magpopondo ng rally!” Jimmy Bondoc bravely declared.

This movement aims to protect the desire of President Duterte to rebuild the nation by stopping drugs, criminality and corruption,” the campaign declared.

While anti-Duterte groups laughed at the idea, they were soon proven wrong when the crowdfunding campaign for the rally on Gava Gives actually received a lot of support!

As of March 28, just a few days away from the April 2 rally, over $46,000 (Php2.3 million) has been raised by supporters to fund their own rally that aims to protect the president! Isn’t that incredible?

According to the organizers, while they won’t be taking a single cent as ‘talent fee’ from the donations, they asked for donations to fund various incidentals such as payment for the venue, security, and other needs.

What can you say about this?

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Supporters Raise k (Php2.3 Million) to Fund Their Own Rally to “Protect President Duterte”

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