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‘Supreme Student Government’ Sparks Debate after Proudly Posting Photos of Make-Up They Confiscated from Other Students

The student government of a school in Parañaque, Metro Manila, has found itself in hot water after posting photos of make-up they confiscated from other students.

In one of the posts, someone who signed the memo as ‘Auditor’ of the Supreme Student Government proudly shared a photo of the items they were able to confiscate in just one day from other students at Parañaque National High School-Tambo Extension.

Photo credit: Supreme Student Government / Facebook

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These are the cosmetics that we confiscated in just “ONE DAY”

Alam namin/nating lahat especially tayong mga girls na nakakadagdag confidence to but please be aware na hindi kailangan to sa pag aaral.bakit? Yang mga lip tint niyo ba nagagamit niyo sa pagsusulat niyo?🙄tas magrereklamo kayo in social media pa? TH!

Kung may reklamo kayo sa mga ginagawa namin sabihin niyo in person!

Guys! SSG kami! We need your respect and cooperation.atsaka maayos naman namin kayong sinabihan pero in the end hindi parin kayo nakikinig! Hindi kami pwedeng magpadala sa mga sinasabi niyo!

And just a reminder! Lahat ng ginagawa namin para sa inyo yan.And ALAM LAHAT TO NG PRINCIPAL 🙂 Kung gusto niyo pong makuha/maibalik sa inyo yan, pakidala nalang po ng parents niyo 🙂


The post was met mostly with anger on social media, with many people saying this is akin to martial law – and something that students should not impose on their fellow students even if they were the school’s student government officials.

Many pointed out that this is a high school, with students often taught about modesty and are not allowed to wear makeup but there are other ways to encourage them to follow the rules aside from confiscating the items that they probably saved money for, considering this is a public school.

Others also said that cosmetics are still considered as personal belongings and shouldn’t be confiscated by the ‘ruling’ students just because they have a higher rank over the students due to being part of the student government.

What’s your take on this?

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
‘Supreme Student Government’ Sparks Debate after Proudly Posting Photos of Make-Up They Confiscated from Other Students

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