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Teddy Locsin Weighs in on Two Actresses and Says Who Is Prettier. Take A Look!

There is no denying the alluring beauty of hailed teen queen Kathryn Bernardo. The same can be said with Liza Soberano, who is arguably one of the most beautiful actresses in the world of showbiz today. Both are stunning and gorgeous in their own right, and they are certainly ABS-CBN’s finest actresses.

Each is definitely prepossessing and lovely, with many fans gushing over their attractive looks. Both have garnered attention throughout the entire world with their pretty faces earning high praises from various personalities. And of course, they are certainly fine actresses as well. Despite being in the same network, apparently comparisons cannot be avoided as their fans are constantly asking on who is the prettier between the two.

Many are curious to find out on who looks prettier, and with that being said @Queenleah24 asked Teddy Locsin Jr, on his take on who looks better on his opinion. Check out the tweets below to find out!

Image credits: @Queenleah24 / teddyboylocsin

He came to the conclusion that Kathryn is indeed pretty, but stated that Liza is a mighty fine actress. Without a doubt both of them are very beautiful in the eyes of many people. But who do you think is the prettier between the two? We’ll let you be the judge! Let us know what you think by leaving your comments right down below!

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Teddy Locsin Weighs in on Two Actresses and Says Who Is Prettier. Take A Look!

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