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Teen Fakes Bone Cancer to Sell Overpriced Sweet Potatoes and Get Donations for ‘Chemotherapy’

With cancer treatments and various medical expenses being so costly, not a lot of people can afford to pay these by themselves. Thankfully, a lot of people readily help out someone in need, especially when it comes to raising money for a killer condition such as cancer.

It is just so sad that there are those who pretend they are sick, just so they can scam people of huge amounts of money.

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Netizen Pau Vislenio shares how she and her friend, Annsheerina Reyes were scammed by a teen who pretended to have bone cancer so he could sell his overpriced sweet potatoes and ask donations.

Photo credit: Pau Vislenio / Facebook

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In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Pau narrated how the teen introduced himself as Edward Pangilinan. They did not buy his sweet potatoes but when the teen told them that he was suffering from bone cancer and that he still needed some money to add to the amount he had already collected for chemotherapy, they were touched by his story.

Edward said that he’s well known in the BGC area and The Fort.

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He also said that actor Billy Crawford gave him Php70,000 ($1,400) and an uncle sent him Php20,000 ($400) but he still needed Php10,000 ($200) that night for the treatment.

Knowing that she would feel guilty if she didn’t help out and something bad happens to Edward, Pau volunteered to help him sell the sweet potatoes. At Php150 ($3) per kilogram, the sweet potato was rather expensive but upon learning that the money was for the young man’s chemotherapy treatment, many people readily shelled out some cash.

Two foreigners even gave them a total of Php2,500 ($50). As they continued to help the teen sell his sweet potatoes, they got him a total of Php9,000 ($180) that night.

With no more goods to sell but still lacking Php1,000 ($20), Pau decided to just be the one to give him the money so he can finally receive the treatment that night.

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Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Teen Fakes Bone Cancer to Sell Overpriced Sweet Potatoes and Get Donations for ‘Chemotherapy’

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