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The Lucky Aces Wows The Judges Of ‘Dance Kids!’ Impressive!

It is undeniable that the Filipinos are truly talented. Most Filipinos can sing, some can dance, while others can do both! 
As the dance competition of ABS-CBN opens, Filipino children are eager to join and prove that they got what it takes to be part of the ‘Dance Kids.’
There were a lot of great performers who joined the talent competition, but what really caught the attention of the Dance Masters was the Fil-Canadian duo who resides in Canada flew to the Philippines to show off their talent! 
They were just starting when the judges quickly stomp their feet, which signifies that this duo named AC Bonifacio and Lucky Ancheta or simply the Lucky Aces were given a slot in the competition.
They were all mesmerized with the way these kids showed off their talents! 

Source: Abs-cbn

Source: Trending News Portal
The Lucky Aces Wows The Judges Of ‘Dance Kids!’ Impressive!

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