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The nerve! This old American casually offers to buy a 3-month old baby inside SM Bacolod for $100. Watch!!!

How would you react if a stranger approaches you inside a mall offering to buy your baby for $100?

This is the question posed by an angry netizen on Facebook after an old white foreigner approached them inside a mall offering to buy the baby of her niece.

Cher Herrera remarked that she started filming the encounter after she was alarmed how the foreigner casually made the offer to buy the baby.

Cher said she has always been nice to strangers but the foreigner’s action has completely taken her by surprise.

When the woman in the video recovered from the initial shock, she cursed and barked at the American to back off, which he did, perhaps after realizing his folly.

At the time, she was writing the post, Cher was thinking of reporting the incident to the police for background checking purposes and at the same, she is curious what the foreigner has been doing in Bacolod in particular and in the country in general.

Check her post below.

Any of my friends specially from Bacolod City knows this stupid guy???

My niece and I were having some coffee yesterday at SM Bacolod City and this old man approached us and said “HOW BEAUTIFUL BABY YOU HAVE THERE! I WILL GIVE YOU $100 FOR HER!” That’s when I started filming him and please watch out for this guy because the way he says that, it sounds like very casual for him to buy a baby! He was talking about the 3months old baby of my niece. I am now thinking to report him in the police to see what he’s been doing here and his background.
We’ve been trying hard to nice with the strangers but we were so shocked and out of words with what he did. Excuse my language in this video I just can’t help myself how stupid he is by doing that.

What can you say if this will happen to you guys?

Let us check out the comments of Cher’s friends and know their opinion about the incident.

Raphaela del Rosario thinks the foreigner is a pedophile. 😡😡😡 Pedophile! who in the right mind would say such a thing?? i mean who buys a baby??? he could just stop by saying “the baby looks cute etc.” pero hello? baklon? Maam CheCher Herreraon’t think twice about reporting him. kalolouy lang sa mga bata. Im glad you stood up from that very sick minded man.”

Richard Dames remarked: “This GUY! This is NOT a GUY. This FUCKER i very lucky I wasn’t there. This is NOT a GUY, but some dumb FUCK that needs to be beaten up! Since when do you go up to somebody and offer them a $100 for your baby. That FUCKER would have got my HUGH fist in his face.!!!!! This is a PREDATOR!!! Watch out for him.”

Chris Dan Cruz said: “Yes you should report him. A classic pedo. The problem is, may mga willing din to sell babies to him for $100, kaya he should be stopped asap.”

Jules Trinidad wrote: “Send this video to local police and that way they can keep an eye out for that man’s activities in Pinas.”

You may watch the video below.

Your thoughts, please!

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The nerve! This old American casually offers to buy a 3-month old baby inside SM Bacolod for 0. Watch!!!

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