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The Philippines Once Belonged to a Royal Family. Find Out Here!

Was it true that the Philippines once belonged to a Royal family? Many of the most renowned individuals in the world of politics, law, and governance were apparent witnesses of our beloved country in the hands of a Royal family.

Do they have the legal papers to prove that the claims are true? From Former Associate Justice Felix Macasiar, Antonio Baredo, and Hugo Guiterez, these individuals were the justices who saw and confirmed the Certified True Copy of Land Title of the entire Philippines.

Joining them were Late President Ferdinand Marcos, Former Senator Lorenzo Tañada, Former Senator Claro M. Recto, Former Senator Jose Diokno, Former Vice- President Emmanuel Pelaez, Former Chief Justice Jose Yulo Sr, Virgilio Papa, and many political personnel.

In short, the British defeated the Spaniards, ending their century-long reign. They then signed the Treaty of Paris to end the war and sold the Philippines for about $20 million.

To discover the truth behind this story, watch the documentary on the next page to find out!

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Source: TrendaFeed
The Philippines Once Belonged to a Royal Family. Find Out Here!

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