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The Reasons Why You Should Have At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep!

We all know for a fact that sleeping is essential to our body. Having at least 8 hours of sleep helps give us the energy when we wake up and it also helps our body to function well.

Are you wondering what lack of sleep can actually do to your body? Here’s a list of the effects of lack of sleep:

1. Inability to learn
– Studies have revealed that having lack of sleep makes a person feel sluggish which results to mind issues like sudden short-term memory loss. Experts also claim that less than 8 hours of sleep can lead to un-rested brain.

2. Weight gain
– Lack of sleep often results to sudden gain of weight! Sleeping for less than eight hours increases a person’s appetite and reduces the metabolic rate.
3. Decreased health
– It is essential for us to take 8 hours of sleep for our minds to be able to rest and for our body to produce glands and hormones that are important for our well-being! 
4. Irritable attitude
– Whenever you lack sleep, you often deals with being sluggish that often leads to irritability and short temper.

5. Depression and anxiety
– If overworking is the main reason as to why you lack sleep, then there’ a great chance that you will surely suffer from depression and anxiety. This is how your body will deal with the feeling of being deprived of energy

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The Reasons Why You Should Have At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep!

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