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The world’s messiest femal dorm room! This is insane!

We all know for a fact that a lot of people believe that women are more organized than men. They claim that a woman’s house is indeed a heaven you’d like to live in because of the cleanliness of the home. But then, this video that you’re about to watch, is bound to change your beliefs.
A viral video showing a woman’s dorm room has started an online debate about who’s really cleaner, boys or girls
This video that was taken in a dorm room of a girl is now circulating online and has been shocking the viewers. 

In this short clip, you’ll be able to see how messy this girl’s dorm room is. I mean, who would be able to live in a house where bottles, baskets, plastics and even clothes are scattered everywhere?
The one who filmed this even stated that her two roommates have decided to leave the room because it stinks so bad! 
This is now considered as the world’s messiest female dorm room ever.

Source: Cracker Daily
The world’s messiest femal dorm room! This is insane!

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