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They Taped The Banana Peel On Their Skin, The Results? You Will Surely Keep You Banana Peels From Now On!

Banana is considered as a wonder fruit by many athletes because of the natural sugars that it contains namely glucose, fructose and sucrose. Aside from that, there are a lot of fibers as well. It provides energy for the body all throughout the day. 
Based on the research that was done, eating at least 2 bananas a day will give the energy a boost of 90 minutes of hard work. 
But aside from the main fruit that we eat, the banana peel has essential uses as well. It might not be common for all but this could be used in different ways that could really be beneficial to the body. 
Here is the list:
1. Teeth Whitening
Rubbing the banana peel on the teeth for a couple of minutes will give you the effect that you teeth is whitening.

2. Bug Bites
You can use the banana peel to soothe the skin where the bug bit you. Just rub it over the affected area to relieve the itchiness.

3. Treating Warts
Banana peel will work wonders by eliminating the warts and keeping them from coming back.  Strap the banana peel over the wart and keep it there overnight. Do this for a week or two.

4. Treat Acne
This banana peel will give comfort to the skin that has inflammation and irritation. Just rub this to moisturize and reduce the itchiness of the acne. Leave it there for 30 minutes.

5. Psoriasis
It reduces the symptoms of having Psoriasis. It just needs to be rubbed on the affected area. It will help heal the area with noticeable effects after a few days.

6. Cleaning
It can also be used in cleaning the household. Remove the stringy bits from the peel and let the peel do the magic of polishing. It can be used for shoes, leather jackets, sofa and silver.

7. Pain Reliever 
Put the banana peels on the area where you are feeling pain. Rub it there and tape it for 20 minutes and watch how it magically remove the pain.

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They Taped The Banana Peel On Their Skin, The Results? You Will Surely Keep You Banana Peels From Now On!

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