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This Girl Transforms from a Dark-Skinned Child to a Gorgeous Mestiza

In the past months since the #PubertyChallenge went viral, we’ve seen our fair share of people who transformed from ‘ordinary’ kids into extra special adults. Of course, everyone changes as we grow older but these people have traits that made them stand out from the rest, especially because they looked just like everyone else before puberty struck.

Now, another young lady has gone viral on social media because of her stunning transformation. Erika “Cai” Cortez shared photos of herself for the #PubertyChallenge.

In the first photo, a young Cai could be seen with an innocent face and a rather dark skin. Of course, as a Filipina, having dark skin is not new but just like many of these young ladies, Cai also wanted to have fair, mestiza-like skin.

Photo credit: Cai Cortez / Facebook

It’s not possible to look like a mestiza if you aren’t one, right? Well, wrong! It seems that Cai had found the secret to that age-old dilemma of Pinay ladies.

In more photos that Cai shared for the social media challenge, it was easy to see that her skin had grown much lighter than it was before.

Today, Cai looks like a mestiza with fair, rosy white skin – a far cry from the dark-skinned child she had been but the debate continues on social media whether she really used other whitening methods to make her skin fair.
Source: DefinitelyFilipino
This Girl Transforms from a Dark-Skinned Child to a Gorgeous Mestiza

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