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This man was able to live without a heart! Unbelievable!

It was indeed a miracle for the 55-year-old man who was identified as Craig Lewis. The doctors and his family were ready to give up on hi, but then this man from Texas chose to do the last option for him to live.
 “He wanted to live, and we didn’t want to lose him,” His wife said
The wife of Craig Lewis claims that the operation was indeed dangerous, but they had no choice because her breally wanted to live longer. 

It was then stated that the procedure was less complicated because they only installed a device in exchange for his whole heart. Unlike the heart, the device that serves as a replacement, doesn’t beat and all it does is that it rotates, letting the blood flow throughout the entire vein in the body. This method is indeed surprising and unbelievable, but it’s true.
Craig was able to recover fast, but after 5 weeks, his body gave up because of liver and kidney failure. His family then decided to place the heart back again. 
“You never know how much time you have but it was worth it,” Mrs. Lewis stated.

Source: Cracker Daily
This man was able to live without a heart! Unbelievable!

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