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This OFW in Bahrain Was Sexually Assaulted by Her Employer’s Drug-Addicted Son! SHOCKING!

Life is tough when you’re an OFW. There are enough horror stories on the internet and on television that give us a glimpse of just how terrible life really is for OFWs overseas – at least in certain countries anyway.
A video uploaded on YouTube by Matteo Menesis featured a Filipina OFW working in Bahrain crying and appealing for help. She said that she was raped by her employer’s son who’s also a drug addict. The Philippine embassy told her to remain anonymous because she might compromise her rights and privacy. 
The woman cried and detailed how her employer’s son was able to take advantage of her while she was doing chores. She said that when she resisted, he beat her legs. She also mentioned that she’s forced to keep quiet about the incident because the son threatened to kill her and then bury her body in the desert if word got out- crazy, right? 
“Yung anak ng amo ko ginalaw ako. Tapos nagsumbong ako sa amo ko kagabi. Bakit daw ‘di ko agad sinabi?” she cried. “Natatakot akong magsalita kasi pagkatapos akong galawin ng anak niya, pinagbantaan ako na kapag magsumbong daw ako, dadalhin daw niya ako [sa] disyerto, papatayin, at ibabaon niya ako doon!” 
According to her, she has already told her employer that she wanted to go back to the Philippines but instead, got an unfavorable answer. Her employer told her she had to wait for two more months in order to buy herself a plane ticket. 
“Sabi ko, paano ko matatapos ang kontrata, nasa peligro na ‘yung buhay ko?” she cried. “Paano kung mabuntis ako? Sabi niya pagkatapos ng isang linggo, ipapa-check kita. Kung buntis ka, ipapatanggal ko at pauuwiin kita.” 
It happened almost two years ago and now, the case was properly handled by the Philippine Embassy. Fortunately for them, they were able to find her with the aid of her local placement agency. She was rescued from her situation and was accompanied by Embassy authorities while she filed the case. 
Here is the whole video of the OFW appealing for help: 

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Source: Cracker Daily
This OFW in Bahrain Was Sexually Assaulted by Her Employer’s Drug-Addicted Son! SHOCKING!

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