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This Woman Raped in a Cemetery. What Happens Next Will Definitely Surprise You!

A woman was raped in a cemetery that raised controversy and debate. Apparently, the victim was Alfonso Caminos’ niece, who elaborated and shared the whole story on live television for everyone to discover. It appears that his stepchild was sexually harassed by one of his friends that eventually caught him off guard. His niece grew up with him when her mother died, so Alfonso served as the stepfather to his niece.

The whole incident occurred in 2007, when Alfonso’s niece asked him that she was going out with the suspect’s cousins and friends. And from there, things started to become sketchy. Worried, Alfonso was curious after his niece was still not home. After a few hours, his niece went home but to his surprise, his niece was wearing a different set of clothes.
His niece then admitted that something happened between her and Alfonso’s friend who’s name was Mario. After discovering about the whole incident, Alfonso decided to go to Mario’s place and confront him about the incident he heard from his niece. But alas, to no avail he wasn’t able to locate him. From there he decided to approach the local police authorities to help track Mario down.
After years of being avoided by Mario, the two finally confronted each other on live television to properly address and discuss the incident to end it once and for all. Apparently Alfonso couldn’t control his emotions as he immediately swarmed Mario, but television officials were quick to dissipate the tense situation.From there, the two had a heated exchange of words that only grew more intense as they progress along the show. The surprising turn of events will eventually leave you shocked and surprised, so check out the whole story right down below and see it for yourself!
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This Woman Raped in a Cemetery. What Happens Next Will Definitely Surprise You!

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