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This Woman Swallowed A Live Mouse! Disgusting!

Recently, a viral post about the exotic delicacy of China that includes new born mice that are alive and moving as they were being eaten has caught the attention of the netizens claiming that this is not something that a person should eat. 
But now, another woman makes it to the limelight because of the unbelievable act that she did. 
She was wearing a paint on her face as if she was a cat. Then she decided to play with the mouse by putting it inside her mouth. The mouse tried to escape several times. She was even seen biting it softly but the mouse was not cut in half. 
The she starts to close her mouth as a preparation for something big. The next thing that happened was insane. This woman swallowed the mouse alive. She did not chew the mouse.

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This Woman Swallowed A Live Mouse! Disgusting!

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