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Thor Pranks Spider-Man By Doing This! Insanely Hilarious!

People has been waiting for the upcoming Marvel’s movie which is the Captain America: Civil War
The movie that will be hitting the theater is the fight between Captain America played by Cris Evans against Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. along with other superheroes. It is like a royal rumble between these superheroes. 
Another thing that excites many people is the inclusion of Spider-man (Tom Holland) in the said movie. The favorite superhero will soon appear on the Avengers
A photo of Spider-man has been making the rounds on social media sites. It is the photo whereas, Thor allegedly pranked him by putting his hammer which can only be lifted by him in the toilet cover. 
This drew the attention of the social media users.

Source: EliteReaders
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Thor Pranks Spider-Man By Doing This! Insanely Hilarious!

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