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Truth Behind The Jobert Sucaldito Accident REVEALED! Must Read!

There are rumors surfacing the net that Jobert Sucaldito had a very unfortunate accident involving a poor cucumber.

Based on the claims, Jobert Sucaldito is now on recovery after a successful operation. The doctors succesfully removed a large broken cucumber from his large intestine.

The writer and host Sucaldito had to be rushed to the emergency room after complaining about the extreme pain that he is experiencing on his bottom.

When he got to Capitol Medical Center, an Xray was conducted to him which revealed the image of a broken cucumber that is about 5 inches.

The doctors did not give any statement towards the condition of Jobert Sucaldito because of the patient-doctor condition.
Some of the house helpers of Sucaldito claims that they recovered the other broken pieces of the cucumber in his room along with a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil, photos of men and tissue papers.
Recovering from the accident that happened to him. He said,

But Jobert Sucaldito already released his statement saying that none of this stories happened to him. It was just another story that was made up.

Source: Trending News Portal
Truth Behind The Jobert Sucaldito Accident REVEALED! Must Read!

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