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Twitter users claim seeing Angelica Panganiban at her condominium with John Lloyd Cruz

Are Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz secretly dating and getting romantic with each other?

When John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao separated, Angelica Panganiban was being pointed as  the reason behind their breakup. Conversely, when Derek Ramsay announced that he and Angelica Panganiban have separated, John Lloyd Cruz was then pointed as the third party involved. Even as John Lloyd and Derek dismissed these as mere rumors and speculations, something tells us there has got to be something brewing between Lloydie and Angel. And there just might be.

There are unnamed sources who claim to have witnessed several sightings of John Lloyd Cruz and Angelica Panganiban going out together. A Twitter user @mommieangelove claims to have seen John Lloyd and Angelica together in the neighborhood of the actress.  Two more unnamed sources talked to people from Philippine Entertainment Portal(PEP), saying they saw Angelica Panganiban and John Lloyd Cruz at together at Angel’s condominium. In all occasions, the two have been reported to be very romantic. Hmmm. 😀

What is really going on between the two? Despite the repeated denying of Derek Ramsay regarding the third party rumors, even going so far as to defend Angelica Panganiban, the stories just won’t die regarding Angel and John Lloyd. Maybe there is some truth about the third party issue. Could be that  John Lloyd and Angel decided “since everyone’s saying we’re dating and romantic with each other, might as well get on with it!” 😀

Maybe Derek you should also do the same. Find Sam! 😀

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