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Two 8-year-Old Boys Escape Kidnappers in Morong, Thanks to Hidden Cellphone

Last week, two girls barely escaped from their kidnappers in Parañaque City, Metro Manila [WATCH: Two Girls Escape Would-Be Kidnappers in Parañaque] and reports in other areas have also shown various kidnapping incidents involving children.

In Morong, Rizal, two boys were taken by kidnappers just outside their house! It was a good thing one of them had a cellphone in his pocket and was able to inform his mother of the kidnapping.

On Facebook, netizen Jennessee Jeth narrated how her 8-year-old son and his cousin were playing outside their house and was just inside their compound when two still unknown suspects wearing bonnets grabbed them, covered their mouths, and made them ride a tricycle.

It was a good thing that Jennessee’s son was able to hide his cellphone from the kidnappers. Using that, he was able to tell his mother about the kidnapping and informed her they were at Teresa, Rizal which was a town around 10km away.

With the help of friends, Jennessee was able to instruct her son to run away when they had chance and to go to a place where there were lots of people. When the tricycle driver stopped to call somebody, the boys quickly jumped out and ran away as fast as they could. They were able to find help from the guard a Jollibee Teresa.

Photos by Jennessee Jeth / Facebook

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Jennessee told the guard to keep the kids and to not give them to anybody but only to the cops as she was afraid the kidnappers would claim they were the kid’s relatives. Thankfully, the cops quickly responded; although the kidnappers were not apprehended.

According to Jennessee, the two kidnappers remain unidentified and at large; although the cops are coordinating with nearby establishments to check if any CCTV footage was able to capture the suspects’ faces.

Because of the harrowing experience, Jennessee warns other parents to be extra careful with their children especially because her son and nephew were kidnapped inside their compound!

Watch the report here:

And here’s Jennessee’s post:

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Two 8-year-Old Boys Escape Kidnappers in Morong, Thanks to Hidden Cellphone

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