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Unidentified Suspect Raped and Kidnapped 4-Month Old Baby in Cebu! WATCH HERE!

A particular shocking news angered many netizens after a still unidentified suspect kidnapped and raped a 4-month-old baby in Carcar City, Cebu last February 8, Wednesday. 
According to the reports in ABSCBN news, the suspect barged into the house while the baby was sleeping with her mother on Wednesday night. They were taken aback by what happened and weren’t able to identify the suspect. They also had no idea where the unknown man would take her. 
The baby was found on Thursday morning in a vacant lot 100meters away from her house. She was covered in blood and was crying desperately. She was immediately rushed to Carcar District Hospital. According to medical officials who examined the baby, she had lacerations in her private parts which highly indicates that she was sexually abused. She is still at hospital for monitoring and recovering. 
Meanwhile, a bottle of ‘tuba’ or palm wine and a diaper were also present at the crime scene but the authorities aren’t releasing any statement about its significant use in the investigation. 
On the other hand, the suspect is believed to be still at large as of this moment. Authorities warns citizens to check their houses’ security to avoid such crimes. Many netizens were disgusted about the news and had dragged the government’s promise to eradicate such crimes. Many of them expressed their anger towards the suspect and noted that even life imprisonment is not enough for him to pay for this heinous crime he just did. Some even pushed for the revival death penalty which is now being debated at the congress and senate. 
Watch the full report below:

Source: Cracker Daily
Unidentified Suspect Raped and Kidnapped 4-Month Old Baby in Cebu! WATCH HERE!

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