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Vhong Navarro denies shouting at Vice Ganda, says he and Vice are very ok

When a Twitter post declared that Vhong Navarro and Vice Ganda shouted at each other regarding issues with Showtime, many began to suspect that all was not well in the set of the ABS CBN’s noontime show, that it might lead to another resignation like the one with Direk Bobet Vidanes.

Vhong Navarro however was quick to dismiss the issue of the Twitter post, saying it was totally untrue.

“It’s not true that Vice(referring to Vice Ganda) and I shouted at each other. Me and Vice were really shocked when news about that Twitter post came out and we decided to immediately respond it. ”

“We have been together at Showtime for more than 3 years now and we know each other very well. With Vice, it’s hard not to be transparent, you’ll know immediately if he has a problem with you. And I am the type of person who will immediately ask for forgiveness, even if I’m not the one who did something wrong.”

“A noontime show is live, what you see with us is what we truly are. I admit at times there will be friction among us, but we can easily patch things up because we’re like a family at Showtime.”

Vhong Navarro had a message for the one who made the false rumor about he and Vice Ganda.

“To those of you who were responsible, I hope you’re aware of the consequences of your actions. You should have asked or clarified with us first before you announced that on Twitter. Because in the end, you will be the ones whose reps will be tarnished by your false story.”

“And we are also thankful to you for putting us and Showtime in the headlines.”

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