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Viral: CCTV Caught Unexpected Rape Attempt on Helpless Woman!

Sometimes we cannot avoid being alone in the entire place we go to. We cannot ask someone to accompany us every single moment in our lives. It takes great courage especially to women to be alone in dark places, buildings, parking lots and many more.

Women needs to be more vigilant and watchful on the people and things around them particularly now that we are aware on the dreadful things that are happening on our generation. One of the videos that were uploaded in the social media shows how danger it is to be alone and no one is there to rescue us.

In the clip caught by the CCTV camera, a woman was obviously going home in an apartment building all by herself. Then suddenly a guy came from behind and grabbing her and pulling her down. She wasn’t able to move and all she could do is to protect herself from danger. While the woman keeps on holding to her things, the guy immediately kicks her on the head leaving her a bit lightheaded. The terrible guy even looked to the CCTV but still continue his plan on getting the girl’s important things. Aside from getting her things, the worst part is, he put his hands inside the girl’s skirt! Again, the girl resisted and he kicks the girl’s head once again. It keeps on repeating until he is satisfied.

Warning! Graphic Content: 
This video contains graphic images that some people may find disturbing.

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This will be an eye-opening to all the women out there who are alone in different places. Watch and see how frightful it is for the girl to experience such occurrence.

Source: ControversialFiles
Viral: CCTV Caught Unexpected Rape Attempt on Helpless Woman!

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