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VIRAL: Japan Badly Need New Recruits For Men to do X-Rated Movies!

This might be the most exciting job for every men. If you wish to have a better and satisfactory job you better look for your flights now going to Japan. The opportunity is to work to some gorgeous Asian girls.

The adult actor in Japan Shimiken posted on Twitter the shaky situation of their TV industry. He discussed a bit the reading the bad situation of the industry. The porn industry are needing a lot men to do an adult films.

Stated on his post that their country, Land of the Rising Sun are badly needing adult actors as the number of them are getting less and less. There are big difference now between the ratio of men and women who are doing this kind of film in Japan because there more women than men.

The post of Shimiken was translated by New York Daily News, “In this industry, there are only 70 male porn stars to 10,000 women. The number of male porn stars in Japan is less than that of Bengal tigers,”

“With 4,000 new films every month, the number of male actors simply isn’t enough. This industry is like a hole in the wall that needs to get bigger!” he added.

In a magazine interviewed with him, Shimiken stated that he was doing 21 different films in a week, He had been in bed for 7,500 woman on his young age of 19 year old experience. So for all the men out there, pack up your things now and get hired in Japan’s adult industry films.


Source: ControversialFiles
VIRAL: Japan Badly Need New Recruits For Men to do X-Rated Movies!

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