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Viral post dares Senator Trilllanes to explain controversial 500M cheque deposited to his namesake

A post daring Senator Trillanes to explain the alleged xxx million pesos he received from a popular company is making the rounds online.

Senator Trillanes bank check

Credits to Antonio Tamarkis

In a Facebook post published recently, a netizen identified as Antonio Tamarkis accused Senator Antonio Trillanes IV of having his own hidden wealth back up with the purported bank cheque to prove his point.

The bank cheque was deposited to the individual bearing the name, Antonio Trillanes IV on March 30, 2016 with the amount of 500 million pesos.

The netizen claimed that he did his own research and according to him, it seems legit.

It can be recalled that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV accused Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of “dishonesty” for not declaring in his latest SALN the 200 million pesos allegedly deposited into the Mayor’s bank account.

The expose has resulted in an exchange of words and accusations between the rival camps, particularly between Senators Trillanes, Cayetano and Grace Poe.

At one point, the camp of Mayor Duterte accused Senator Grace Poe of having a hidden hand in the Trillanes expose to derail the Duterte choo-choo train to Malacanang.

In an interview with the Rappler, Senator Grace Poe and presidential aspirant denied the accusation hurled against her of masterminding everything.

Meanwhile, Senators Grace Poe and Antonio Trillanes IV dared Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to sign the waiver so that the public may know if indeed he is hiding something in the bank.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte responded that the burden of proof lies on the accuser (Sen. Trillanes) in providing the evidence.

Ira Panganiban, journalist and social media personality agreed with Mayor Duterte and this is what he has to say:

While I encourage Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to sign a waiver for all bank accounts in his name I really have something to say about this.

Why is it in our country that the accused is given the burden of proof?

Hindi ba ang dapat magpatunay, ang dapat maglabas ng ebidensiya ay ang accuser?

If you accuse someone of a crime as grave as you think it is, should you not be ready to back it up with evidence?

Instead, you dare the accused to comply with your silly demands so you can corner him.

So yes, I want Duterte to sign your silly waiver if only to prove his innocence.

But I also dare Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, for once, to back up his accusations with proof.

Duterte does not have to comply with Trillanes’ demands. He does not have to do anything at all.

But the law says Trillanes must prove his accusation or face a stricter penalty for falsely accusing someone, anyone.

You guys want a decent society? Then here, let’s follow the law!!!!

You may watch the video interview of Grace Poe by Rappler below regarding the issue.

Below is the controversial cheque allegedly received by Antonio Trillanes IV from a popular company.

Now, try to connect the dots and look at the bigger picture and see who is behind Senator Trillanes’ attempted takedown against the survey leader Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

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Viral post dares Senator Trilllanes to explain controversial 500M cheque deposited to his namesake

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