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Wally Bayola impersonates Steve Harvey! Hilarious!

No one can really forget the most memorable coronation night of the Miss Universe 2015, wherein the host, Steve Harvey mistakenly announced that Miss Colombia was the winner, instead of Miss Philippines.
And now, to make their viewers happy, the Kalyeserye had their own version of the pageant, they called “Miss Barangay,” wherein Maine Mendoza was one of the contestants.
Maine Mendoza looked stunning in her gown, plus the fact that she looks really confident while wearing it.

But the most hilarious part of this episode was when Wally Bayola appeared in the scene, impersonating Steve Harvey! 
Everyone was laughing so hard because Wally really looks like Steve Harvey!
Via GMA Network

Source: Cracker Daily
Wally Bayola impersonates Steve Harvey! Hilarious!

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