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Want to Have A Whiter Teeth in Just One Minute?

Teeth are very important especially when doing everybody’s habit “Eating”. These teeth are also have a big impact in our personal appearance. Having a good teeth make you look younger and beautiful. You can also be more confident with yourself.

But not everybody has a good teeth especially when it comes to the coloration of it. Yellowish teeth are sometimes embarrassing because even you brush your teeth regularly, you are still experiencing the teeth discoloration.

Do not worry anymore. This simple tips can make your dream come true.

All you need is one tablespoon of baking soda, water or lemon. Just mix the baking soda to water or lemon juice until it becomes paste then brush it to your teeth like a usual toothpaste. Leave it for one minute and rinse it well.

Do it several days and you will notice your teeth are more whiter than it was before.

Source: RelDigezt

Source: ControversialFiles
Want to Have A Whiter Teeth in Just One Minute?

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