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Want to Remove these Pest Lice? Try these Natural Home Remedies!

Head lice is one of the most embarrassing, most annoying, and very difficult to get rid of. There are many reasons why people are having this problem. Whenever the head reaches its moisture, the scalp will start to become smelly, and most of the time, lice are very active in this kind of place.

But, worry no more because there already some remedies at home that you could use to fight for that unwanted louse. Here is the list of the special remedies for that:

1. Coat with almond oil or olive oil
     These oils can help ease smoothen and suffocate the lice so it will remove to the hair by itself.  Simply make many small sections of the hair by using clips then coat it with oil and start combing it thoroughly. Then rinse it with warm water.

2. Vaseline, mayonnaise, coconut oil
      The smoothness that these things can give to your hair is enough to kill the lice. Just choose to any of these remedies and apply it to your hair with the help of a comb. After 30 minutes massage your hair with your hands and rinse it with cold water.

3. Garlic and lime juice.
      Just make a paste with eight cloves of garlic and two tbsp. of lime juice. Massage it into your scalp for 30 minutes. Wash it with refreshing shampoo and warm water. Garlic strong smell can suffocate the lice and lime juice will help remove it easily.

4. Baby oil and Vinegar
       Apply enough amount of baby oil into your hair and use nit comb to fall the lice from your head. Wash it with your regular shampoo and warm water. At night before you sleep apply vinegar into your hair make it dry and the next morning rinse it with shampoo and warm water.

REMINDER: Avoid borrowing things that those who are infected with head lice are using. They might give you the same problem that they have.

Source: Enki Village

Source: ControversialFiles
Want to Remove these Pest Lice? Try these Natural Home Remedies!

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