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Watch: Anomalous road concreting project in Bulacan goes viral; netizen nicknamed it “Isang Linggong Kalsada”

While President Duterte has been saying he hates corruption, it seems his message has been lost as it travels to the lower tier in our bureaucracy.

A case in point is the concreting of pavement at Catmon, Sta Maria, Bulacan in May 5, 2017 that the Facebook group “DDS Sta.Maria Bulacan” finds anomalous.

The Facebook group noted several red flags in the said project such as the absence of a project engineer/inspector from the government and the contractor overseeing the concreting, absence of materials engineer or perhaps the lab aide, failure to get a sample of the concrete mixture, the base is soft and muddy etc..

1. Nagbubuhos ng konkreto ng walang project engineer/inspector ang gobyerno at contractor
2. Wala ding materials Engr o lab aide man lamang
3. Walang kumukuha ng sampol ng konkreto
4. Makikita sa video at mga larawan na malambot / putik ang base
5. Ang porma ay nakalubog sa putik ang halos kalahati

You may watch the video below for your reference.

Posted by DDS Sta.Maria Bulacan on Saturday, May 6, 2017

Credits to DDS Sta. Maria Bulacan


Credits to DDS Sta. Maria Bulacan

Credits to DDS Sta. Maria Bulacan


Credits to DDS Sta. Maria Bulacan

Credits to DDS Sta. Maria Bulacan

The post has been drawing angry and mocking reactions on social media. Let us read the comments of the netizens on Facebook.

Ailyn Paraico Delubio nicknamed the road as the one-week road: “Isang linggong kalsada..”

Reggie Samonte was brutal in his choice of words. Such a Massacre.”

Beth Balitbit Santocildes said it matter-of-factly: “Kinurapt na ung budget jan kya tinipid.”

Robert del Rosario demanded the contractor should be made answerable for this: “Panagutin at kailangang ulitin ng CONTRACTOR yan. Ndi pwede yung ganyan kahit ndi ako engr ndi tatagal yan.”

Marcelo Ortigoza Jr.  offered an explanation what is wrong about government projects. “Baka 40 % hiningi ni Congressman na S.O.P at mga SOPs pa sa mayor, DPWH District Engineer, COA, nagtipid ang pobreng conrractor.”

Carmelo Flores summarized the state of our DPDW projects.Yan ang DPWH standard… gawa ngayon, sira na bukas!”

Charles Costales, probably a local resident offered an interesting insight of the project. “Ang project na iyan ay inaabot ng 5 to 10 years at makikita mong 1 to 3 person ang nasa project at puro mga travahador at wala kang makikita na mga DPWH at Engr . at pagdating sa payroll mga 50 to 100 ang nakalista araw araw. Kaya ang bilis yumaman ng mga nasa katungkulan diyan sa Bulacan, katulad ng tulay sa San Miguel papuntang Nueva Ecija napakaliit na tulay inabot ng 10 taon at araw araw 2 tao ang nakikita. Ang kalsada paglagpas ng San Ildefonso alon alon ang spalto dahil sa ang gawa ay palpak at ang mayor at gov ay binuboto pa ng mga gagong mamamayan ng bulacan. Kaya walang ibang masisi kundi ang mga bugok at bugak na taga bulacan.”

Meanwhile, netizens knowledgeable about road construction has shared their insights of the project.

Ramilito Evangelista Ramos said: 1/4th load lang, 1.5cu m katumbas ang binubuhos, Oh my! What a big cut n nmn to chong,,, Grabeng palusot to bai…..”

Sergio Paredes wrote: Aba that is tantamount to corruption, dapat na inspect ang line and grade, pumasa sa FDT,o field density test,cement factor,concrete consistency,plus concrete vibro,pero sabi ng kasahan ko noon ,aba baka maubosan tayo ng proyecto, ha ha ha naisabi kona”

Jesse James Atadero Agustin commented: Base is worst no gravel base coarse what more on the sub base under the formation level base, no proper compaction as you cannot compact unsuitable material, corruption is the one running our government system. Without corruption it will not move and quality suffers. It is right that no standing supervisor at site to look after the quality of works.”

Meanwhile, someone from the DPWH issued a clarification by joining the conversation in the thread.

Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines Hereunder is the reply of Bulacan 2nd District Engineer Ramiro M. Cruz with regards to your concern:

“We’d like to clarify and inform that the subject section IS NOT PART of the DPWH contracted project. Under the Local Infrastructure Program, the DPWH 2nd Bulacan DEO has on-going project of about 811 lineal meters at intermittent section between Brgys. San Jose Patag up to the intersection of Catmon-Balasing Road with the subject section an exception to the contract”. Thank you.

As of this writing, the post has gathered 9,059 shares, 3,483 reactions and 2,678 comments.

The video has gathered 970,016 views as of this writing.

Your thoughts, please!


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Watch: Anomalous road concreting project in Bulacan goes viral; netizen nicknamed it “Isang Linggong Kalsada”

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