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WATCH: Couple Take PDA a little Too Far While on the Train

A video of a couple showing a little too much affection for each other in public has gone viral. The short clip posted by TomoNews Phlippines on their youtube channel has gotten a little under 2 million views. The couple in the video are reportedly from Taiwan. In the clip, the two lovebirds can be seen touching each other while on the train.
Nowadays, it’s generally acceptable for couples to be seen kissing and holding hands in public. However, the couple in the video seem to have taken their public display of affection to a level that is slighlty a bit more than what the public is used to. The video shows them rubbing each other’s arms and thighs in ways that made the other people on the train uncomfortable.
Watch the short clip to see for yourself.

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Via: CrackerDaily , Chismix

Source: Cracker Daily
WATCH: Couple Take PDA a little Too Far While on the Train

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