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Watch Ella Cruz’s Sizzling Hot New Dance Cover!

Teen actress Ella Cruz once again sizzled on the dance floor with her new dance cover.  
The last time we saw Ella trend on social media was when she grooved to the tune ‘Twerk It Like Miley’.  A lot of people were surprised by the teen actress’ excellent dance moves. 
This time, she did a cover to Bruno Mars‘ hit ‘Versace on the Floor’.  The video was uploaded on Ella’s Youtube account
Together with Julian Trono, who is fresh off his dance training in South Korea, the two did a sultry take on the song. Different from the pop beats that they usually dance, this new video showcased their interpretative dancing skills.  
What’s more exciting about this new dance cover was that Ella Cruz actually choreographed their routine. It only goes to show that Ella is really versatile not only as an actress but also as a dancer.  
Aside from the excellent dancing, the two also looked good together, which added to the sexy vibe of their dance cover.  
As of this writing, the video has already gained a whopping 670,000 in views. 
Watch the video here:

What can you say about Ella and Julian’s new dance cover? Let us know in the comments section!

Source: Cracker Daily
Watch Ella Cruz’s Sizzling Hot New Dance Cover!

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