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Watch: First Teaser for Disney's Newest Animated Movie 'Zootopia'


Like nothing you’ve seen be-fur… Disney Animation has debuted the first teaser trailer for Zootopia, their newest movie. It’s more of an introduction to the world and the main characters that we’ll be following. Mainly a “fast-talking” fox and Zootopia’s top-cop bunny, who cross paths and of course learn to become friends even though they start out as enemies. The fox, Nick Wilde, is voiced by Jason Bateman, who provides the narration in this teaser, and the rabbit, Judy Hopps, is voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin. This is a cute little teaser and unique intro for this film, but I wish we would actually see more of the world and the story. But I guess that will come in more trailers down the line. For now, take a look at this Zootopia intro. ›››

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Watch: First Teaser for Disney’s Newest Animated Movie ‘Zootopia’

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