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WATCH: Guy Celebrates 10th Anniversary With His Girlfriend That Will Surely Make Your Heart Melt. Take A Look!

They have withstood the test of time with each day, month, and year passing. It appears that they have only grown wiser and stronger throughout their relationship. That, coupled with a dose of loyalty, dedication and commitment enabled them to celebrate their 10th anniversary together.

Yes, you’ve read it right. This couple went viral on social media after their heartwarming journey from the past decade that stirred the hearts of many netizens who watched the video of Gerard Santos and how he prepared to celebrate their 10th anniversary with his girlfriend Jobel Fernandez. One decade of love, sacrifice, and dedication eventually made their love story almost seem like a fairy tale.

It is clearly evident that in the video the couple has formed a strong bond and connection over the years. Netizens have gone ballistic, with butterflies flying in their stomachs as they are fascinated by the thought that the couple lasted for a decade.

Truly an amazing love story that sent chills down everyone’s spines. The video was uploaded on Gerard Santos’ Facebook account and from there the video started to spread like wildfire, garnering the attention of many netizens with thousands of views, likes and shares who found their entire love story to be beautiful and everlasting.

The effort Gerard made to welcome his relationship with his girlfriend is something many women dream of. Nevertheless, what matters is they both love each other, and certainly they have passed the test of time. Netizens sent their heartfelt wishes and good luck to the couple as they continue their journey through life together, with their love serving as an inspiration in their lives.

Watch the entire video right down below and see it for yourself!Let us know your thoughts about the whole post by dropping down your comments below!

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I want to thank my Lord Jesus for making this possible. I wouldn’t be able to do this if I have not been blessed with this wonderful woman. It is God’s love that brought us to where we are now. At the age of 23, I have already spent almost half of my entire life with the girl of my dreams. And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life growing with her by my side. Sa generation ngayon na uso ang “walang forever”, sobrang saya ko na natagpuan kita. I love you so much baby!
Posted by Gerard Santos on Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Source: TrendaFeed
WATCH: Guy Celebrates 10th Anniversary With His Girlfriend That Will Surely Make Your Heart Melt. Take A Look!

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