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Watch Here! Beautiful Girl Sits on Random Stranger’s Lap – You Won’t Believe What He Does Next!

Would you allow a pretty girl to randomly sit on you or your lap for no reason? How would you react if she acted indifferently? 
In all likelihood you might be confused – just as confused as these other random people. Different people on the street were caught off-guard as a Youtube video of a beautiful girl sitting on random people went viral
Youtube channel MoeAndET is popular for their prank videos – and this is one of those viral classics. The setup of this prank video is that a good-looking girl will go around and sit on random strangers. She would sit on anyone’s lap and even on a guy lying down on some grass – just to see a reaction.
This hilarious prank had netizens laughing at the unsuspecting victims’ reactions. The viral video was posted on August in 2014 with over 41,384,696 views as of writing. 
Many netizens expressed mixed reactions upon viewing the video. Some felt badly for a couple that was on a date that seemingly broke up because of the prank. 
Others were disgusted at the last scene, where a man shamefully dry-humped her in public.
Here are some of the comments posted by netizens after watching the video. 
User JJ24 wrote: “Pissed me off when she went on those couples when they were on a date?” – 
EduardoDaSilva wrote: “Can someone explain why the guy in the relationship didn’t seem startled by the white girl? Was he part of the prank??” 
Lab Lag wrote: “girl sitting on a stranger man = a laugh 
man sitting on a stranger girl = sexual harassment?”  
Zawadi Kagira wrote: “he banged her wtf, she deserved it tho?” 
Watch the crazy antics by MoeAndET here!

How about you dear readers? How would you react to a beautiful girl randomly sitting on your lap? Let us know in the comments section! 

Source: Cracker Daily
Watch Here! Beautiful Girl Sits on Random Stranger’s Lap – You Won’t Believe What He Does Next!

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